O nosso coro

A vida é um canto sozinho,
eco vazio num amanhecer triste,
desvanecendo no vale dos sonhos,
onde declives choram orvalho
e arroios lamentam a tua partida

Conheces tu o limite de tudo?
O véu suave que cobriu os nossos
olhos nas noites do verão quando
uma só canção fez-nos uma casa,
telhado de estrelas, parede de
montanhas férreos, feita do amor

Disseste que partiríamos amanhã,
e ainda estou a esperar por você,
horas, noites e dias passam sem dizer
verdades, enquanto novas vidas nascem

Ouves o mundo a cantar o nosso coro?
Uma vida toda soando nas suas letras,
mil mil vozes revelam desejos noturnos
de ser, de amar e partilhar suspiros

Deixa-me à porta de ninguém,
juntos batemos às portas do infinito,
infinito que vem, infinito que fora,
só há nós dançando à beira do infinito.

Photo by Daniel Morris on Unsplash

The Ballad of the Enchanted Garden

Every song does never end,
some dreams do never fade,
some walls shall never fall, 
as beauty stands to time,
so do stars stand to us, 
in ever-distant embrace,
we live for distant times
A dream so sweet that I have tasted,
savoured it more often than I should,
the ancient ruins lie that concealed 
speak of decaying pomp and beauty 
behind the wall that deters lovers, invites
young dreamers to think of lands and stories
that never were, might never be but could

Dusk sets gently over rolling hills
tree crowns taste the last of Helios'
sacred blessings, when misty days turn,
granting keys to this lost land to Selene,
when silence reigns over glistening lakes,
nothingness commands the singing of birds,
only dreams remain of this land yonder time

Oh! Stories I have heard from this land,
by the cracking fire, with hushing voices,
distant love and plot, told with fiery eyes,
leafing gentle thoughts to blossom to desire,
a will to explore, to see through eyes of my
own marvels yet untold, mysteries to be initiated
into; purposes well-contrived for perilous a journey!

Brumous winds, low-hanging clouds enclothe my journey,
up the hills that greet my coming with joyful green,
mighty, rushing streams whose voices seem known,
and as the sun carriage crosses the skies, my eyes
gaze upon the mighty gates of bronze and iron,
solemn guards of this temple of a golden age
that keeps minds twisted and secrets bare

A torch flares in my hand, emblazing ancient murals,
that have suffered fate and time, yet unfazed;
beyond the gate silvery florals sprawl,
mellow, silky fragrance of intricate care,
varicolored scenery, fruits of a beautiful mind,
night and day in celestial dance, united by the
choir of stars; speckling waters with light

Marvels from another world, I stumbled more than I
walk'd in the gardens, helpless like a child,
no more than I am a poet, ablaze with emotions 
that descend from high, like glaciers crumble
in the yet far away mounts, gushing into the abyss,
teeming with joy, my mind lends force to my steps,
roaming over cobbled paths towards the palace

Mighty tower on a hill, where only maimed kings 
offer respite from the suffering of their age,
fractals chiselled into eternal marble, lancet arches
line the walls, glass stained by unknown artisans,
a place worth of an aging philosopher king,
and as I turn my eyes away, looking to the still
waters that revolve and never stop, a figure!

"Who is this lone wanderer, in this late hour of night?",
"Venture brought me here, for I fear no myth to dispel!"
I said and the figure stepped outside the moonlit shadow, 
revealing himself to be a man of perennial age,
and suddenly fear filled my heart, as I saw myself
in the face of that fisher king; a self from another time,
I saw what no one dared to see: myself as only I could be!

Fear not the sight of yourself after many summers, 
marvel at that your life will take you far,
and that every desolation's plight will fade away,
so that one day you will meet yourself again;
let us walk beneath the rushing trees and listen
as night turns into song and cinnamon dreams cover
the eyes of those who think of this summery place

As we passed by the lake, illuminated by argentine glisters!,
I saw who I would be: Spectred vision of dread and fear, 
unrequited love and hopes burst to salted tears;
and as my face mirrored the anguish of a life to be,
the fisher king said: For sooth! Things that could, 
a future where minds tormented are minds forlorn, where
love is ornament in these words, yet a word to none

Madness spirals into the cold of shadows that you
brought upon yourself, where no light is there 
to guide; while the thundering wheels of hate 
never cease to impress their weight on your shoulders,
setting fire to tranquil meadows, where once your
mind found peace in solitude; never again!
But seek one word to lift you out of nether-worlds!

Through cold, howling winter we must all pass,
when the perpetual motion of our life halts,
leaden scars will hasten empty darkness,
until from ombrous slumber you wake,
to seek and explore a life not yet lived,
roaming foreign lands that we call not home,
until whispering voices draw you into spring

where joy turns the spinning wheel of time,
and flowers blossom in the gardens of life
where only love can cure the wounds that never heal,
and yet the rite of season never unveiled its chant
to those who choose not to hear their inner voices
and fear a stranger's word more than the ending
of precious dreams that arise before morning's light

And silence fell between myself and who I was to be,
as another morning came, weaved in rosy-cotton haze,
my mind was abound with thought and such was its state:
"Has there ever been a spell more sweet
than a life that offer solace in need?
when the morning flock of thoughts fades
into bliss, a joy ephemeral, yet so very lasting?"

Photo by Alberto Frías on Unsplash

Tristeza em Alfama

Naquelas noites estreladas
me mergulho numa tristeza profunda
sozinho, deserto num banco,
olhando o céu que me trouxera aqui
Enquanto o mundo nunca para,
nunca suspenderá a dança delirante
a minha vida fica parada, cinzelada
sem futuro sem passado, treva só
As estrelas que te poderia mostrar,
sentindo você nos meus braços,
sorriem para mim e prometem
que o rio do tempo tudo cure
Vagueio pelas ruas as quais brilham
no esplendor da alegria que não sinto
nunca sentia, mas que me lembram
de imagens que espero que sejam minhas
Os beijos dos amantes parecem
a grande ilusão desta noite encantada
enquanto a realidade desachega-se,
só deixa no pó os sonhos desvairados
Caminhava esta viagem mil mil vezes
sozinho e com ideias lontanas
pensando na cidade de cem torres,
um por cada uma lembrança de ti.